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Pro Tips on How To Softwash A Roof

Cleaning The Rooftops

Soft washing your roof is a great way to remove algae, mold, mildew, and moss from roofs without causing damage.  Roof cleaning can extend the longevity of your roof which will save you money in the long-run.  We reached out to professional commercial pressure washing Zach to give us the low-down on the process of soft washing a roof.


Roof Softwash became developed by AC Lockyer along with his knowledge and revel in in plant sciences.  AC knew that the microorganism, molds, fungus and algae developing on the exterior of buildings have been greater closely associated with an infection than a stain.  Algae frequently start forming on the north and west components of roofs that are shaded or acquire much less the sun and may reduce a roof’s lifetime expectancy.  The presence of algae, dirt, or biomass can affect how solar energy is absorbed through a roof and consequently the amount of heat a structure absorbs

Why we need to soft wash our roof
metal roofA smooth roof enhances the scalability and average price of a property, as a properly-maintained house will constantly fetch more than one that is not.  The unpleasant pink or black staining on a roof is likely due to the presence of algae, fungi, moss, or mildew, or a combination of all four.
Black algae make a roof appearance dirty and appear on a new roof after only some years.  How long exactly depends on the nature of the surrounding environment.
Moss on roofs regularly grows inside the joints among tiles.  This lets in water to penetrate in which tiles overlap, negative the underlying timber.  Even small amounts of moss can obstruct the whole drainage potential of a roof.

Preparing a roof for the treatment
First remove the excess moss, as many roofs most effective get cleaned while the moss has become excessive.  Scrape the bulk of the moss off first.  If the pitch of the roof isn’t always too steep, and the tiles are sound, a trained roof artisan can do that.  However, if the roof is too steep or fragile to walk on, perform pre-spraying work from the ground using the specialized telescopic equipment.  Protect gutter shops from becoming blocked before beginning work.  And lay tarpaulin around the perimeter of the assets to capture the falling moss and different debris.  Protecting plants: The energetic aspect in Benz Biocidal Wash can discolor leaves and flora.  Rinsing on finishing touch of a job with clean water brings proper results but we endorse defensive flora with a light tarpaulin from spray go with the flow if there is a lot of wind.  Grass recovers hastily from splashes and sprays flow.

Window cleaner’s water-fed poles (WFP) are best for “brushing in” and keep away from using ladders for the majority of houses.  Low-stress utility systems use telescopic poles to reach each a part of assets.  The usage of this smooth wash machine way the operator stays thoroughly on the floor, which is more secure both for him and the consumer’s belongings.  Use a coarse spray of particularly massive droplets to minimize spray drift.  Pressure washing should not be used when pressure washing your roof.
Restoring and cleaning old roofs
Some human beings unknowingly understand moss, and algae growth on old buildings as a mark of an individual, however, in reality, such boom can harm the roof and shape.  Benz Biocidal Wash acts to gently smooth and restores these historical roofs to their former glory without causing the surface harm that excessive stress washing can.  Practice Benz Biocidal Wash evenly across the floor location of the roof.  The microbes and algae will die within a few hours without aggressive movement.

Health & protection
Before starting work always compare the web page for fitness & safety concerns and set up secure running techniques.  Constantly put on appropriate safety against spray float.  Continually wash exposed skin in copious quantities of sparkling water on of completion of a task.

As always, it is typically best to hire a professional when doing this type of work.  We suggest you contact Zach and his crew at